#4 Life: Pupdate (1)

As I’m typing this, Freddy is laying on the rug in front of me. He’s fast asleep and it’s just turning 6pm!

He’s been home for a week now and things are going great! We’ve walked 40 miles together, had our paws wet from the sea, had several training sessions, lots of cuddles and playtimes.

I am learning how to be a dog owner everyday. Freddy is my first dog and I’ve had to completely change my lifestyle to fit around his. Waking up early every morning is, admittedly, something I’m still struggling with, but his excitement when he sees me getting the out the lead makes it worthwhile 🙂

Huskies are notoriously stubborn and Freddy is no exception, but I’m learning to be firm and be the alpha which he is (very) slowly accepting. We have a long way to go as far as obedience goes, but as long as I have some hotdogs on me, he’s all ears (and paws, because he likes showing off that he can do the paw trick).

Oh boy, has he worn me out. I’ve never walked so much in so little time in all my life – my feet and toes are bleeding and it hurts to stand but Freddy’s happy face makes it worth it.

I don’t know how to explain how much I needed a dog. A month ago, I would lay in bed all day thinking about killing myself. I had relapsed into a bad habit and I had been like this for months after I had my life turned upside down at the end February, just before my birthday.

A month ago I was so lonely I could barely breathe but now, because of Freddy, that feeling seems alien to me. He has given me so much life and joy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 


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