#6 Book Review: The Spy by Paulo Coelho

I was given a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I had never heard of Mata Hari until I read this book, but when I finished it, I felt like I had learned a hell of lot about her life.

I like this book a lot. It gives a really interesting view on her life and how she lived and why she was executed. Paulo Coelho really brought Mata Hari back to life in this book and it fascinates me how he did it. I imagine it was hard work – after all, she seemed like an incredible woman who lived a double life and after reading this, I will definitely be following up by reading more about her.

My only complaint about this book is that I didn’t really feel a connection to Mata Hari in any form, no matter how much I wanted to. The book felt rushed in some parts but the length of it is short and snappy and gets straight to part and I found this quite refreshing.

The Spy is an intriguing read that I’d definitely recommend, whether you’ve read about Mata Hari before or not.



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