#9 Life: Oops, It’s Been A While

This is me, sheepishly coming back to blogging after an accidental month off.

First thing’s first: how are you? Everything okay? How was your Christmas and/or New Year?

I’ve had a whirlwind of a month.

  1. I had to give Freddy back to the shelter which was a major blow to my emotions and maybe why I’m still struggling. I miss him terribly, but I know he’ll be well looked-after with the shelter and they’ll know exactly what kind of home to give him to after my extensive list of his likes/dislikes/quirks and everything in between.
  2. I got a new job! (Did I mention this before? I don’t think so.) Nothing too glamorous – I’m working in a cafe close to the city centre. It’s fine. It’s only part-time and the pay is ok. Nothing too stimulating and I’m secretly applying to other jobs to get myself out of there.
  3.  I am not okay. Really. I’m not doing too well. Yesterday I was going between yes and no as to whether I should write a sad post on loneliness. I didn’t in the end because I’m not sure how I would convert my million and one thoughts on what I was feeling. In a nut shell, I am as lonely as I thought I was, and that sucks.
  4. I’ve started talking a guy who seems to like me a lot and we might be meeting this weekend.
  5. I have been put on a waiting list for trauma therapy.
  6. The best of all of these – I’ve finally started watching anime! My first was Yuri!!! On Ice and I started watching Sword Art Online and I. LOVE. IT. (Please leave anime suggestions, I need them.)

I think that’s everything. I’m not feeling too well, but things should hopefully pick up sooner or later.

Treasure the people in your life who are there for you because god knows they’re special.



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